Aaliyah Love In Pichunter Gear
April 29, 2010 – 1:20 pm | 14 Comments

Winding up our Babe of the Month with Aaliyah Love she was totally cool and did a shoot in some of our gear.  Let me tell you the Pichunter name never looked quite so hot …

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April 2011 Babe of the Month Sasha Grey
April 5, 2011 – 10:06 pm | Comments Off

You ever have that feeling that a porn star might not be one for much longer?  Usually it’s because they’re strung out, flaky, or just not all that special.  In Sasha Grey’s case the opposite is true, she might not be a porn star much longer because she moves onto bigger and better things.  Sasha’s career seems to be heading towards mainstream acting and you know part of me is like, “Yay, good for her” but there’s that other side that’s like, “NOOooOooOooOo keep getting naked and taking dick.”

The Girlfriend Experience directed by Academy Award Winning Steven Soderbergh is that mainstream vehicle that got her going in that direction, check it out, I have to admit I did not see the movie yet, but I will just because of Sasha.  Back to the original point though, she’s done a shitload of porn, and we’re going to start enjoying that porn right now because once she goes more mainstream we’ll be lucky to see a little tit and ass but while she’s in porn we get to see a lot of tit, ass, pussy, fucking, cumshots, you get where I’m going with this.

Is this the face that launched a thousand ships…what?  I thought I would classy up this porn post and get some literary quotes in…wait, even I’m like, wtf is with literary quotes?  The thing is Sasha Grey has an amazingly unique look and can be defined as a classical beauty.  That’s right, she doesn’t even have to get naked and you’d be turned on just by that face.

Her body is tight.  I don’t mean tight like those women that work out too much and kind of turn man-like and sinewy.  No, she’s got that tight body of youth, where the laws of gravity have not yet found her and where nakedness just seems like the right thing to do.  Sasha’s got such a hot body she could probably walk around in public all day and people would go, “Yeah, she has the body to do that.”

Sasha Grey has tits you can recognize in photos.  It’s like give me 10,000 pictures of tits and I can pick out hers without much effort.  Pointing up a little more than others, a little puffy, and they have what I’d like to call suck appeal.  Sasha Grey’s tits you just want to latch onto and start sucking and staying in that position pretty much all day long and that might be difficult if you know, you want to go to dinner or something, but like the nudity in public, I’m pretty sure most people would go…yeah I understand that.  So, if you happen to be dating Sasha Grey, you can suck her nipples in public and everyone will understand.

This is what I’m going to miss most of all if Sasha Grey goes all mainstream….Pussy shots!  You can name on your one hand how many mainstream movies showed a nice glimpse of pussy.  Let’s face it, in my generation you automatically think of Sharon Stone’s pussy shot, but that was just a glimpse, it’s not like porn where you get to see the pussy, see the pussy stretch, see it nice and wet, see it get stuffed with things that seem too large to fit, and why is this starting to sound like a porn version of a Dr. Seuss book?  Back on topic, See Sasha Grey’s pussy, commit it to memory because unless she’s going to start testing some industrial strength dildos or looks at a watermelon and says, “I think it’ll fit” it won’t change all that much and when you see her doing regular acting you’ll have the pussy shot committed to memory.

What can we say about Sasha Grey’s ass?  I want to say it’s perfect but perfect is too tame of a word to describe it.  Her ass is like the Swiss Army Knife of asses…okay, what the hell does that mean?  It means pretty much every man will enjoy her ass, dudes that like the big phat asses will love her ass and the ones that like small and tight will also love it.  That’s right, it’s the ultimate utility ass…umm, okay this is getting weird.  What I mean to say is, it’s got that shape to it, got some bubblyness about it to please the ass fanatics, but at the same time it’s small and compact.  Just check the ass out, you’ll see what I mean.

Sucking the cream filling out of a twinkie, yes I’d pay to see Sasha doing that, but she’s got a nice collection of blowjobs for us to look at for free, so lets start by doing that.  Sasha kind of has this look when she’s sucking dick like, “Yes I have a dick in my mouth but I’d rather it be yours” and that’s fine by me.  Sasha plays up to the camera with her blowjobs…it almost seems like a virtual blowjob to the viewer.  Doubt it?  Check it out…

Yes, some softcore fetish shots again of our lovely Sasha Grey sporting the stockings.  I’ll admit, I have a stocking fetish, but she’s one of the few models that I just think more about her than how she looks in the stockings.

Now here’s something you definitely won’t be seeing in her Entourage appearances.  I’ve been avoiding the show Entourage just because it feels too cool for me to watch it, but now that I know Sasha’s appearing, I’ll just be that peeping tom and watch the show even though I’m not cool enough to watch it regularly.  Bring in the cum and lets see what Sasha does with the money shot.

If she ever becomes really popular and mainstream, do you think she’d get interviewed by Jay Leno?  See, I don’t think Jay Leno would ask the types of questions that I’d want to ask Sasha, like, what’s the biggest toy you ever tried to fit in your pussy?  Or have you ever done it with a mechanical dildo that’s powered by the engine of a Vespa?  See, that’s why we have someone like Jimmy Kimmel cause he might just ask the question.

Girl On Girl action.  You notice how they don’t usually say Lesbians in porn?  Sure the act itself is lesbian in nature, but let’s face it, most porn models just don’t look dykish enough to say it’s lesbian porn.  I mean look at most of the lesbian sites on the net…do any of those models look like they’d be a gym teacher?  Not to say all female gym teachers are lesbos, just all the ugly ones.  So let’s look at some of Sasha Grey’s girl on girl action.

…but will she do anal?  At some point in your porn career, whether you’re doing the backend tech maintenance or you’re shooting the content, there will come that point where that question will be asked, “…but will she do anal?”  It almost always comes at the end of a compliment…like, damn she’s hot, but will she do anal?  Geez she’s got perfect tits, but will she do anal?  Its gotten so bad that even non-pornstars will get the treatment, like, Eva Longoria is recently divorced, bet she didn’t do anal.  In fact, try it for a day, ask that anal question or use it as a comment just to spice up everyday conversation.  You can live the life of a pornster if you do.

Oh, and yes, Sasha Grey does Anal and once a model does anal, you can expect double penetration, group sex, etc.  Once you let the porn world enter that dark abyss, you might as well get tied up and fucked by 12 eager dicks.

See what I tell you….does she do anal leads to all sorts of other things like double penetration.

Group Sex

I mean if you do anal, you’re bound to do Interracial stuff as well.  I’m telling you, anal is like the gateway to all good things.  Get your girlfriend to go anal and you can pretty much go to threesomes, odd fetishes, and if it’s your sort of thing you can let her fuck a rather large dicked black man.

A seperate section for hardcore?  I mean really, at this point the last three sections were more or less hardcore subdivisions.  So this section is just like…wanna see her get fucked some more?  Which pretty much means yes cause it’s Sasha Fucking Grey of course you want to see her get fucked some more.

Bondage…Sasha that type of girl if you tied her up she’d look at you like, “You have my body tied up but my soul will always be free”…I know, I think I’ve been hitting too many beers to finish off this post in a lucid sort of way, but no really, that’s what she looks like.  Come on, it’s like, some women you could fuck with a baseball bat and they’d be like, pfft is that it?  That’s kind of like Sasha Grey and bondage.  There’s no submissive, oh no, I’m tied up, nope, there’s defiance there.

Some favorite picture from the Pichunter Staff…granted all the pics are kind of my favorite, but there’s just some that stand out a little more.

Best scenes of her getting fucked…cause just like favorite pictures there’s some scenes that just are a bit better.

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